• party bites
    • crispy rice balls (serves 10-15)$70.00
    • avocado fries (serves 10-15)$60.00
  • waffles
    • original mini waffles (serves 10-15)$55.00
    • chocolate mini waffles (serves 10-15)$60.00
    • mini waffle combo (20 count) $74.00
      original and chocolate mini waffles with strawberries, blueberries & whipped cream
    • breakfast combo $160.00
      mini original and chocolate waffles, fresh fruit salad, granola with vanilla yogurt & breakfast sliders with fresh squeezed orange juice
  • salads
    • chopped salmon salad ( serves 10-15)$125.00
      butter lettuce, bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, parsley, crispy red onion, hard boiled egg, grilled salmon, sesame with fresh lemon dressing
    • ginger kale slaw (serves 10-15) $100.00
      kale, cabbage, almonds, cilantro, fresh ginger, grilled chicken & sesame seeds with olive oil
    • shaved brussel sprouts & napa cabbage salad$120.00
      shaved brussel sprout, napa cabbage, goat cheese, dates, grilled chicken, sesame with fresh lemon dressing
    • beet & spinach salad$100.00
      spinach, beet, goat cheese, pecan, crispy avocado with red wine vinaigrette
    • hola salad (serves 10-15) $100.00
      chopped lettuce, corn, black beans, queso fresco, grilled chicken, avocado & tortilla strips with cilantro chipotle dressing
    • spicy crispy chicken salad (serves 10-15) $100.00
      mixed greens with mushrooms, pico de gallo, avocado & fried chicken tossed in olive oil
    • bru's special salad (serves 10-15) $100.00
      mixed greens, spinach, bacon, grapes, goat cheese, apples, avocado, fried shallots & red wine vinaigrette
    • fresh fruit salad (serves 10-15)$85.00
  • lettuce wrap(serves 10-15)
    served with brussel sprouts
    • grilled chicken$110.00
      with pico de gallo
    • crispy chicken$110.00
      with melted mozzarella, mushroom and chipotle mayo
    • salmon$110.00
      with shredded brussel sprout and cilantro chipotle mayo
    • beef hash$110.00
      with cheddar, tomato, lettuce and chipotle mayo
  • assorted grilled cheese sandwiches
    (serves 10-15)
    • crunchy nacho / bacon & tomato$80.00
      (cheese trio, tortilla chips, housemade basil pesto, avocado, jalapeno)(cheese trio, crispy chicken, bacon and tomato)
  • sliders
    • spicy crispy chicken sliders (30 count) $120.00
      served with lettuce, tomato & spicy mayo
    • waffle sliders (serves 10-15 / 28 count)$100.00
    • breakfast sliders (serves 10-15 / 28 count)$100.00
    • slider platter (serves 10-15) $120.00
      assorted sliders
  • platters
    • fried chicken platter (serves 10-15) $125.00
      includes mini waffles
    • sandwich platter (serves 10-15) $90.00
      choose turkey & avocado or roasted vegetable & goat cheese
    • chicken bites (serves 10-15) $110.00
      bite-sized crispy chicken pieces and garlic citrus potatoes served with mango sauce and spicy ma
    • green pasta platter (serves 10-15)$110.00
    • macaroni and cheese platter$85.00
    • assorted wrap platter$100.00
    • spicy salmon penne$125.00
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